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Elevate your Chai Pe Charcha gatherings with this Chai Pe Charcha combo from SDS Masala! This carefully curated selection features everything you need to create delicious snacks and a perfectly brewed cup of chai, perfect for those long chats with friends and family.

What's included:

  • SDS Chai Masala: Brew up a cup of aromatic and flavorful chai with our signature blend of warming spices.
  • Elaichi Powder : Add a touch of royalty to your chai and desserts with the unique flavor of cardamom.
  • Pakoda Besan Powder: Whip up crispy and flavorful pakoras in minutes with this ready-made besan batter mix.
  • Aloo Prantha Mix: Enjoy fluffy and delicious aloo parathas anytime with this convenient premix.
  • Sada Bahar Chutney (All-Season Chutney): Add a burst of tangy flavor to your snacks with this versatile chutney.
  • Omlette Masala: Take your omelettes to the next level with our special blend of omelette spices.

Bonus! This combo comes with a FREE Meethi Sounth Powder - the perfect after-snack digestive and palate cleanser.

Why Choose This Combo?

  • Convenience: All the ingredients you need for a complete Chai Pe Charcha experience in one place.
  • Quality: Made with the finest spices and ingredients for authentic and delicious flavors.
  • Variety: Enjoy a range of sweet and savory treats to keep your guests happy.
  • Value: This combo offers great value for money, especially with the free Meethi Sounth Powder.

Make your Chai Pe Charcha gatherings unforgettable with the perfect combo from SDS Masala!