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What makes SDS Masala different from other brands?

SDS stands out from other brands due to its dedication to understanding customer needs. They offer single premix spice pouches that simplify cooking and provide authentic taste and aroma, delighting customers’ senses.

How has SDS impacted the food industry?

Apart from making home cooking easy, SDS Masala has also been embraced by many food stalls, tiffin services, and restaurants, allowing home cooks and food enthusiasts to achieve consistent and excellent taste in their dishes.

Can someone with little cooking experience use SDS spices?

Absolutely! SDS offers easy cooking recipes that are so simple that even someone with little to no cooking experience can effortlessly prepare delicious meals with their premix spices.

How does SDS ensure the quality of their spices?

SDS sources the finest raw materials available, ensuring each spice is hand-sorted and meets its strict quality norms before becoming part of its masala premix.

Can SDS Masala be used in commercial settings?

Yes, many home cooks and food lovers have successfully used SDS premixes in their food stalls, tiffin services, and restaurants, thanks to the excellent taste and consistent quality they offer.

Does SDS Masala ship worldwide?

Yes, SDS Masala is available worldwide, bringing the taste, convenience, and joy of their premix spices to kitchens across the globe.

Are SDS premixes suitable for vegetarians?

Absolutely! SDS premixes are pure vegetarian, without onion and garlic, making them an ideal choice for vegetarian cooking enthusiasts.